Within our business we have a process we follow, the idea is that things run as smoothly as possible for the client and for us as a business.

The idea is as follows; we as a company give a quote to the person who is either buying or selling a property. This then gives them a figure to work out; regarding budget costs/deposit costs etc. This then allows us to give the client a quote alongside a panel of solicitors with four or more partners. This is required for any lending for mortgage purposes for a solicitor to be used by the lender.

The advantage of this panel of solicitors is so we have accountability for every single client.

As a nationwide group we have access to the panel of solicitors where they have targets and deadlines to meet with high standards and if this is not met then a review/enquiry will be carried out by the national group which means the conveyancing of your property is carried out in a sufficient way with comeback.

The panel of solicitors offer a beneficial service; If there is no move and it falls through there is a ‘no move, no legal fee guarantee’ this means if the move does not meet the exchange of contracts then you will not owe the law firm a penny, you will only need to pay for any third party costs incurred on your behalf.

The solicitors legal fees are a fixed price, they are competitive and they will provide a full break down our the costs therefore you can then budget effectively.

There is also an online service that allows you as the client to be able to track the process of your case, at any given time during the day. This offers speed towards the process and simplicity of working with the solicitors.

The law firms that we recommend have to meet the strict requirements of their ‘Supplier Certification Scheme.’ This is specifically designed to ensure all the law firms are therefore suitably qualified to work on their behalf. They also offer a safeguard which is an innovative search package that gives you added peace of mind and could help to save you money.